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Kálmán Makláry exhibition

Chagall, Kafka and Lajos Gulácsy’s style of painting moved simultaneously among the historic walls

Again, Hotel Nemzeti Budapest gives home to the works of a renowned contemporary Hungarian artist. On the first of October, a special exhibition of the works of Kálmán Makláry was opened in the prestigious building. On the exhibition of the painter, who is compared to Chagall, Gulácsy and Kafka, the pianist Balázs Havasi, his big fan, was the guest of honour. The event was opened by Attila Ledényi, director of the Art Market Budapest, who explained that the art of Makláry was a series of exceptionally honest works.

The over 115-year history of Hotel Nemzeti Budapest is strongly connected to the arts which is particularly emphasized since its reopening last December and the Hotel intends to become an active participant in the world of art, where many forms of art can meet. Therefore, it houses temporary exhibitions which display the works of outstanding modern contemporary artists.

Kálmán Makláry’s particular painting style has been compared to Chagall, Kafka and Gulácsy’s worlds.
The works of the painter, born in Hajdúszoboszló and working initially as a professional musician, are both musical and architectural, energetic and restrained, real and dreamlike. He has had exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Essen, London and Graz, as well. “Few people know that Kálmán Makláry plays several musical instruments” – said Attila Ledényi on the opening, suggesting that his musical past and this diversity are figuratively reflected in the mood of his paintings.

The painter who has exhibited his works throughout Europe and overseas, interprets and presents the depth, the spirituality, and the mysticism of the surrounding world with a special artistic approach. The Art Market’s director also said on the opening in October that Kálmán Makláry “is not a reflective artist but an honest one”, his art “explodes, rather than stifling his emotions.”

All the paintings exhibited in Hotel Nemzeti suggest the feeling of life that Kálmán Makláry admittedly feels close to himself. „Painting is, to a certain extent, magic … that exists an extraordinary power that penetrates – embraces everything, and the sensitivity of the artist serves as mere inspirational force to activate that power. All colors, lights, and forms are only to assist the painter so that his wish be concentrated to radiate this pure energy.”

If you wish to see the unrepeatable unity of colors, lights and forms projected onto the canvas by the painter, visit the temporary exhibition in Hotel Nemzeti till mid February, 2014 to be personally involved in this miracle.  

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