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National Arts Club

National Arts Club, established by Hotel Nemzeti Budapest, recommenced in February 2013. The professional and social community of artists together with the founder Hotel Nemzeti Budapest aim to actively shape the artistic life of Budapest by recreating the cultural spirit of the hotel. The 15 new members bring along an increase not only in membership but also in the range of art forms represented by the Club.

The success of National Arts Club is ensured by the fact that it has been supported by its main sponsor, Hotel Nemzeti Budapest since the minute it was founded.

“The history of Hotel Nemzeti Budapest is intertwined with the history of Budapest’s cultural golden age. When we envisioned the hotel’s alignment with the MGallery concept, our guiding principle could only have been to revitalize the dormant artistic spirit of the building. Therefore, the National Arts Club was founded. We are delighted to give our guests a taste of the cultural values of Budapest, and that they can spread the word all around the world”, says Edit Vaszily hotel manager.

The members of National Arts Club are committed to work together with Hotel Nemzeti Budapest, as their professional dedication and the opportunity to support a new, rising generation of artists are the perfect motivators of a successful collaboration.

„Budapest used to be a bustling cultural capital. The cafés and restaurants were full of writers, actors, and of course the crowds of their enthusiastic fans. People could meet great works of art and their creators face to face. Today, contemporary art has a niche appeal, and the majority of the public is only exposed to it via the impersonality of the Internet. That is not good! We are preparing with something big. We want to make art personal again. It would benefit everyone, us and the audience both. Together we could create value again, which many think to be lost in this world”, says Gyula Bodrogi, founding member of National Arts Club.

The new members represent various age groups and art forms, there is an actor, a musician, a comedian, a television and an advertising expert among them.  The latter might seem surprising at first glance, but National Arts Club aims to introduce and support both the classic and the new creative processes, thus building a bridge between the past and the future.

„I was delighted to join in the efforts of the National Arts Club. I have been educating actors for decades, from little ones to young adults. Giving opportunities to young people is a nice and forward-thinking task. We shouldn’t be afraid of the next generation and we’re not afraid of them. We do our best to live with the power of unity and to prove that even the 21st century can bring up Lujza Blahas”, says actress Margit Földessy.

Founding members of the National Arts Club:

Ilona Béres, Gyula Bodrogi, Pál Frenák, Judit Hernádi, Orsolya Karafiáth, Éva Keleti, Zoltán Kocsis, Sylvia Sass, György Szakály, Zsolt Szamódy

New members of the National Arts Club:

Iván Bagi, András Faragó, Pál Feke, Margit Földessy, Ferenc Fegya Jávori, Viktória Kumin, Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, Napsugar von Bittera, Attila Serbán, Gyôzô Szabó, Rita Szilas, Péter Szipál, Andrea Szulák



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