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„MGallery launches ’Inspired by her’, a unique offer un luxury and upscale hotels,inspired by women

3rd March 2014 – MGallery, Accor’s collection of memorable upscale hotels, emphasizes providing services and attentions especially for women. ‘Inspired by her’ has been tested since January 13 in four of the Collection’s hotels in France: the Hotel Carlton Lyon, the Grand Hotel de Cabourg, the Grand Hotel Roi René in Aix en Provence and the Hotel Baltimore in Paris.


Women are now a growing customer base. They represent 43% of business travelers and take 75% of leisure travel decisions. To respond to this trend, and because it places service at the heart of its offer, MGallery is unveiling ‘Inspired by her’, a special range of services for women.

To compile this range of services, the brand took an empirical approach by reaching out to its women guests and its general managers and by discussing the issue at length with key travel industry stakeholders. MGallery also based its approach on a survey of 250 women customers who are members of Accor’s loyalty program.


This survey highlighted three of their key concerns:
– The importance of feeling safe and comfortable,
– The peace of mind and well-being derived from suitable welcome products and stopgap solutions.
– A healthy, well-balanced and varied food and beverage offer.

MGallery caters for all these concerns by offering a service tailored to the guest’s stay. As soon as a female guest arrives, she will receive a document describing all the services and accessories available to her. She will then be able to choose the location and size of her room, for example (she might prefer the cozy comfort of a smaller room), as well as a host of other special attentions, such as robes and slippers in her size, a full-length mirror, skirt hangers, a wide range of herbal teas, etc.
If she needs them, she will be able to purchase Wolford tights, manicure kits, various creams and body care treatments offered in partnership with ‘OhMyCream’ the Net-a-Porter of top-end beauty products!

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits on the Spring-Time Menu of the Hotel Nemzeti

Budapest, 1st March 2014 – Soon the menu will change at the Hotel Nemzeti, which has, for weeks, been contemplated by Chef Márk Pap and his enthusiastic staff. However the menu has yet to be finalised, what we may reveal is that red fruits and fresh vegetables will fundamentally predominate our spring-time flavours. Moreover we will please our guests with a novelty: we dedicate an entire menu to those being conscious of their diet. p>

“No wonder that it is in spring, when our vitamin depots are emptied, that more people are ill than in winter time, and the immune system becomes more vulnerable. Sicknesses are preventable with care and consciousness for a host of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins are available in this season to replenish the mineral substances and vitamin depots of the body. This was our starting point, when we embarked on the planning of the spring-time menu” – told our chef by way of introduction about the new menu.


What vegetables and fruits will exactly predominate the dishes? The only thing that Chef Pap disclosed was that red fruits will form the basis of several dishes, in particular, strawberry will surely have a predominant role in the menu, but also rhubarb is preferred in combination with some desserts. Soon the red radish, the fresh green peas and the asparagus will also have season, so naturally, some delicacies with the use of the latter will be represented in the new menu of the Hotel Nemzeti. Besides the main dishes even the desserts will be amazing primarily due to their seasoning – basil, tarragon and coriander will make sweet delights more special. p>

“In spring, light meals take the leading role; in this season the fresh green salads and light sauces predominate, but besides these I wish to introduce some light fish meals in our offer. Of course, we do not part with the mostly preferred dishes, such as the goulash with pinched noodles. Not even do we plan to change the meat we use as ingredients, but we will present their new faces using some peculiar seasoning. An entirely new flavour will be presented among the soups – with the bouillon with asparagus and tomato – that we offer to our gourmet guests” – told our Chef the insider secrets.

What makes us really proud is that from now on the choice for the diet-conscious guests will also be easier: information on the carbohydrate and nutritive content will be provided for 3 different dishes.
You do not have to wait for the new menu long. Soon we change to the spring-time dishes but in the meanwhile do not hesitate to taste some meals from our winter-time menu.

Hotel Nemzeti Supports Exhibitions of Hungarian Artists from France – Judit Reigl and Simon Hantai’s Works are going to be Presented Soon in the Ludwig Museum

Budapest, 26 February 2014 – With the Hotel Nemzeti among the supporters, the next two exhibitions at the Ludwig Museum will present the works of contemporary artists, Judit Reigl and Simon Hantai, whose courses of life show much resemblance. The artists of Hungarian descent, who became renowned in France, would not merely attend the same school but their path of lives was greatly influenced by a common friend, André Breton. In the framework of the exhibitions at the Ludwig Museum this time the visitors can see those paintings created by Judit Reigl and Simon Hantai that embrace their entire lives.

The exhibitions soon taking place at the Ludwig Museum with the support of the Hotel Nemzeti represent significant artistic values. The hotel backs initiatives like the “Artistic Spirit of Budapest”, which are intended to gain recognition to and popularise the contemporary art. This is how the cooperation has evolved with the Ludwig Museum, which has been attracting the public for years now as one of the blossoming art centres in Budapest. A highlighted objective of the Hotel Nemzeti is to stand by initiatives, which contribute to enhancing the appreciation and reputation of contemporary arts. In the framework of this, recently, it has entered into an agreement with the Hungarian National Gallery under which the realization of the Endre Rozsda’s exhibition was supported. Our goal is that this shall be a long-term cooperation and to unify our efforts with certain establishments to promote the recognition of culture.


On this occasion Judit Reigl and Simon Hantai’s paintings will be exhibited in Hungary with the support of the hotel, and we hope that this will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. Numerous intriguing paintings will be displayed at the subsequent exhibitions of the Hungarian artists, who lived in Paris.
Judit Reigl settled down in France in 1950 and one year after Simon Hantai, in 1954, she organised her first exhibition with André Breton’s participation, the writer of the preface of the catalogue to her exhibition. Surrealism clearly determined her first period, then she turned towards the abstract. She received several acknowledgements: inter alia she was honoured with the Guggenheim International Awards considered to be a prominent recognition abroad, and she was also rewarded in Hungary with the Commander Cross of the Order Of Merit of the Hungarian Republic and also with the Kossuth-prize. Diverse stages and states of her special creative artistic path are going to be displayed at the exhibition, between 20 March and 22 June 2014, in a chronological order. p>


Similarly to that of Judit Reigl, the outset of Simon Hantai’s career was also characterised by surrealism and then he turned towards some new artistic means and style. Several works of his, never displayed before, will be exhibited this time at the Ludwig Museum, between 8 May and 24 August 2014. The painter, who graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Arts, moved to Paris in 1949 and he created his paintings there, up to 2008, when he died. His early works were characterised by post-impressionism then, influenced by André Breton, he turned towards surrealism as long as the end of the fifties. In 1960, he embarked on the path of the so-called pilage painting, and several pieces of this artistic style will be displayed at this exhibition. His particular pictures created with this artistic method have been unfalteringly popular for decades now. One of his painting, the M.A.4 Red, swapped owners for a record price, 140 million forints, some years ago, which was then mentioned by the domestic and international media as a sale for a record price.

Similarly to that of Judit Reigl, the outset of Simon Hantai’s career was also characterised by surrealism and then he turned towards some new artistic means and style. Several works of his, never displayed before, will be exhibited this time at the Ludwig Museum, between 8 May and 24 August 2014. The painter, who graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Arts, moved to Paris in 1949 and he created his paintings there, up to 2008, when he died. His early works were characterised by post-impressionism then, influenced by André Breton, he turned towards surrealism as long as the end of the fifties. In 1960, he embarked on the path of the so-called pilage painting, and several pieces of this artistic style will be displayed at this exhibition. His particular pictures created with this artistic method have been unfalteringly popular for decades now. One of his painting, the M.A.4 Red, swapped owners for a record price, 140 million forints, some years ago, which was then mentioned by the domestic and international media as a sale for a record price.

Intercontinental Illusion in Hotel Nemzeti

21st February 2014 – The latest art exhibition with the internationally renowned artist, Levente Baranyai’s “Intercontinental Illusion”, adorning the walls of the Hotel Nemzeti Budapest being a supporter of the Artistic Spirit of Budapest, reminds the visitors of photos taken from a bird’s view. Levente Baranyai’s is the fourth one in the sequence of the ever refreshing contemporary art exhibitions at the Hotel, preceded by Éva Köves, Zsombor Bakonyi and Kálmán Makláry’s pictures presented to the visitors earlier.

Levente Baranyai Vaszilij bay 2012 oil on canvas149x232 cmIn this series of exhibitions the guests can visit Levente Baranyai’s peculiar pictures showing the Earth from a bird’s view. “A Baranyai painting opens and closes simultaneously. A Baranyai picture is transparent due to its spectacle but the longer you look at it the more enigmatic it becomes. For instance, I think of the conventional armature relying on the knowledge of colour and perspective in painting, the guerrilla memes urging the art to blow-like changes, which perpetually keep tempting its original sense and use: the narrative fact-finding, as a philosophy, the photo and the film, the design, as the entirely refined utility principle” – said János Kurdy Fehér, writer, about Levente Baranyai in his opening speech, and added that “in the representative spaces of the Hotel Nemzeti in Budapest, Baranyai’s canvases are given some special surplus”. This hotel had been a prominent destination frequented by domestic and international travellers committed to demanding, contemporary culture and it still intends to be the same”.

The internationally renowned artist has had exhibitions in Warsaw, Ljubljana, Geneva, Einstadt, Madrid and in many other cities. His talent has been acknowledged with many awards. The artist, as if he were the portrait painter of the Earth, visualises the real wounds of the environment in his work, the traces and proofs evidencing that our environment is gradually decaying. Besides, he depicts a realistic view, reflecting beauty and symmetry. During the past decades Levente Baranyai’s paintings have suggested a linear improvement in the painter’s art, and recently the artist has embarked on using the Google maps application and owing to that his paintings reflect now the details more accurately.

Numerous works of the artist are displayed in this special exhibition all of them portraying intriguing vistas and flying motifs. The exhibition can be visited in the Hotel Nemzeti by the end of August.

We are celebrating the Day of Hungarian Culture at the Hotel Nemzeti

22th January 2014 – There has been a day existing in Hungary for 25 years when everything is about culture and all over the country we are organising events to remind us how important it is for a nation to preserve and pay attention to its own cultural traditions. Since 1989 the country has been celebrating the Day of Hungarian Culture on January 22 with which we are paying tribute to one of our greatest national treasures, the National Anthem. On the occasion of the 25-year anniversary we are recalling the history of our National Anthem, the Himnusz.

Based on a preserved manuscript Ferenc Kölcsey, one of greatest personalities of the Hungarian literature, finished the “Hymnus, the struggling centuries of the Hungarians” poem on January 22, 1823 that 20 years later became the National Anthem of Hungary, where the music notes were provided by Ferenc Erkel. Since 1989 this has been the day when we are remembering our cultural roots and the importance of not forgetting our cultural traditions when talking about the unity of the nation. Based on the preserved documents the Hungarians did not have a national anthem until the 19th century, depending on their faith they were singing various songs at the major events, such as the “Our lady” among the Catholics and the Saint Stephen song starting with the “Oh, where are you, shining star of the Hungarians”, and the Protestants considered the 90th Psalm their national hymn.


Ferenc Kölcsey wrote his masterpiece in 1823 and now it is known as our national prayer which was first published 6 years later, in 1829, in the “Auróra” of Károly Kisfaludy, then in 1832 it appeared in Kölcsey’s own publication. Yet only 6 years after the poet’s death, in 1844, András Bartay, the then director of the National Theatre of Pest thought that the poem was ready to be accompanied by music, this was the moment when he announced a tender to write the notes the special prayer deserved. There were 13 applicants out of which the well-known melody of Ferenc Erkel proved to be the most suitable. So the announced 20 gold coins were received by Ferenc Erkel.

According to the documents the first performance took place at the National Theatre, on July 2, 1844 then on August 20, 1848 the National Anthem was played the first time during a state event. Despite the fact that from then on the piece became largely known respectively it became accepted that we were singing it as our national prayer, only the 1989/XXXI Act rendered it among our national symbols.

On the day of Hungarian Culture the Himnusz is also being played but the spectators are expected with a wide palette of cultural performances in every corner of the country. This year the MR Symphonic orchestra is going to give a concert in the Palace of Arts assembled especially for this event where even the pieces of Bartók, Kodály and Liszt are going to be played, and as a modern piece, the first Double concert on Turkish pipe and cimbalom by Mihály Borbély is going to take place there. As the closing day of the nation-wide Sándor Weöres centennial year the Fesztivál Theatre is organising several events for the Day of Hungarian Culture, and the National Széchenyi Library is paying tribute to our cultural values and the Himnusz through its KönyTÁRlat (Book exposition) event.

Naturally the capital and the country-side are both going to organise various events on January 22, and the Hotel Nemzeti is expecting the guests with the temporary exposition of the pictures of Kálmán Makláry that can be visited free of charge.

The Hotel Nemzeti is expecting guests with special diet, too

16th January 2014 – Nowadays there is an increasing number of maladies being part of our lives that require special diets and special attention needs to be paid regarding the food consumed at any moment of the day. These are the gluten or lactose sensitivity and the diabetes that can be considered an epidemic for several decades. Despite the fact that the dietetic regime seems to be simple for an outsider – actually it needs strict attention and giving up a lot of things mostly when the patients are not eating at home during the day. The objective of the Hotel Nemzeti consists of providing every guest with the best offers, and nobody is going to lack the gastronomic delicacies. Márk Pap tries to establish a menu in such a way that everybody can find his/her dish – here is the conversation with our chef.

Every cuisine has its own characteristics and Márk Pap, the chef of the Hotel Nemzeti pays special attention so that the hotel offers the same variety. As such he is focusing on the classical, Hungarian flavors, too, that are enchanted with tiny tricks. However it is not indifferent whether during the preparation of the delicacies the restaurant pays attention to the guests being on special diet. Márk is aware of this since because of his diabetes he, too, has to pay attention to his diet. That’s why he thinks the Hotel Nemzeti should favor the guests who suffer of certain food allergies or have diabetes.


„The daily carbohydrate intake of a diabetic patient is rather similar to that of the healthy people but it is not indifferent what the quantity of the hidden carbohydrates is beyond the known quantity of consumed carbohydrates. I think this is to which the patient should pay attention most. Even the current menu features some dishes that can be consumed by the diabetic patients but we would like to create a summer menu agreed upon with a dietician where we are favoring the patients with diabetes” – Márk Pap told, and we also learned that he is recommending the chicken soup with thyme and vegetables and from among the main course dishes he would offer the grilled salmon with olive cream and beetroot potato puree – being one of the best choices for the diabetic guests.

In the past months Márk tried many healthy ingredients that may also serve as base of the diet of a diabetic person. He is fond of fresh spinach, asparagus, celery, the chard leaves and various fishes. Who knows, they might appear in the menu of the Hotel Nemzeti! They can be consumed almost unlimited from which one can prepare tasteful and healthy food, and if Márk is longing for something sweet then he is recommending the artificial sweeteners as the simplest solution when talking about cookies but in his opinion even the birch sugar can be consumed moderately.

Although our chef did not reveal anything about the diabetic dishes of the summer menu we still can recommend our current menu, and we are presenting one of Márk’s favorite recipes to the guests loving to cook that can be prepared easily either by the diabetic people or by those wishing to lose weight, even at home: this is the grilled chicken breast with orange and clove and apple.

Grilled chicken breast with orange and clove and apple


For 10 portions: 1 kg chicken breast – 2 mid-size apples – 2 mid-size oranges – 1 dl oil – salt, ground clove, ground cinnamon

Slice up the chicken breast (not too thin because it can get dry when frying), add some salt. Wash the apples and cut it to big slices (approx. 8-10 slices/apple). Wash the orange, grate its peel (make sure the white part is not grated because it makes the food sour), remove the remaining white part and cut it into circles (approx. 4-5 circles/orange).

Fry both sides of the chicken breast in a pre-warmed oily pan. At the end of the frying sprinkle some cinnamon, grated orange peel then take it out from the pan and put it aside. Toast the fruits sprinkled with clove and cinnamon in the same pan. First the orange then the apple. It is recommended to scatter a little salt on the fruit since the salt is accentuating the flavor of the fruits and sweets.

When serving the meat and the fruits are placed next to each other, but we may also mix them as preferred. The steamed rice can be a specific side-dish but we can also try the brown rice.

TV and high-standard culture do not exclude each other

16th December 2013 – Public is needed so that an artist can become known country-wide, nevertheless limit has to be set for everyone, how far you go for success, on the other hand there is no question that talent in itself is no longer sufficient – among others this was the point the participants of the first background talk held by the National Club of Artists founded by Hotel Nemzeti Budapest agreed. The mutual aim of the professional-friendly community founded by Hotel Nemzeti with a history of 117 years and the founder Hotel Nemzeti is to be active in forming the artistic life in Budapest by reviving the cultural mentality of the hotel and after the first successful occasion the event with interesting topics for discussion will take place regularly from now on. The first background talk was attended by Karafiáth Orsolya, Faragó András, Feke Pál and Szabó Győző.


In February 2013 the National Club of Artists founded by Hotel Nemzeti Budapest accepted new members and started its activity at this time, its members will gather regularly from now on to discuss actual topics of art each time, thereby creating unique room that artists focus on real artistic values and thus have the occasion for formulating mutual opinion. In the club presenting counting 23 members not merely the membership but the arts represented also got more varied through the expansion in spring and now all this can induce a far deeper cultural dialogue, as believed by the founding Hotel Nemzeti and the club members. The relation between art and public was the topic of the first Nation Club of Artists, whereby Karafiáth Orsolya, Faragó András, Feke Pál and Szabó Pál talked with Bódy Gergő radio moderator, how far media publicity has raison d’etre nowadays in the life of an artist, is it good or bad if someone is often in the media, how far an artist can and has got to go to improve his/her being known.


The member of the National Club of Artists surely agreed in one thing: publicity is needed to the career and with the commercial televisions gaining ground the different television appearance can help a lot to the career of an artist even within the circles of high-standard culture. ‘The problem is that today exclusively from art – and no expressly concentrating on my profession, writing – you cannot make your living in Hungary. Exactly therefore it was necessary that I agreed to undertake appearance on TV, which I should not have gone to as a writer, and I do not say no to corporate events either – you have to accept that high-standard culture and public presence, media appearances do not exclude each other. It is still interesting that you can see from the meeting with the public that the readers of my books and those who know me from the television are not absolutely the same people – said Karafiáth Orsolya, writer and poet.

Feke Pál also believes it is important that an artist can effectively represent his/her interest, and despite the fact that talent is the most important nowadays it is the media which can open real space for an artist. ‘It was real milestone in my life that earlier I was in the programme ‘Társulat’ and I could not understand then either that I had colleagues whose theatre director did not allow them to apply. In my opinion it is nowadays already an expectation toward a theatre artist to do something to be known and to undertake TV appearance as well. This is how people come to the theatre, to see him/her there and get to know the other face as well. Once an important person told me that you can be in a tabloid paper if you also appear in such one which deals with culture, too – this way it is balanced.’ Feke Pál added thereby it mainly also counts that an artist can manage and ‘sell’ him/herself, be able to negotiate.

The artists also went into the question that the word ‘celebrity’ has already a completely pejorative meaning here – it has a different meaning compared to that abroad. The question is what we understand by celebrity. It can be understood as known, but it can also be understood that a celebrity is the one, who appears in the media rather for him/herself and not due to the real achievement – in this form none of the artists wants to undertake this.

It was also raised at the background talk who is the one at all considered to be a star in Hungary. Faragó András underlined it cannot be neglected either that being a start does not merely mean to be known country-wide, as actors play in the theatres on the country as well, who are considered in their own circle to be a big star, as this is due to their performance at the theatre, which he himself experienced personally earlier. ‘It’s a fact the one taking the career of an actor is to some extent exhibitionist and my plan also was when I took this path more than 30 years ago to become known, however within this there is already a border line, how much I let to be seen from my private life’ – added the known actor.

Hotel Nemzeti Budapest, the first MGallery hotel of Hungary celebrates its first birthday!

4th December 2013 – With its characteristic features and active participation in cultural life, the modernized Hotel Nemzeti enthralled the audience of Budapest. After having gained numerous trade recognitions, the hotel won the Best of Budapest & Hungary Award in the category of the „new 4-star hotels”. The recognition owing to the best ones was awarded on the basis of opinions of readers and business partners of the Budapest Week Publishing and the professional jury. On the basis of the votes of the professional jury and readers of the journal Business Traveller Hungary, Hotel Nemzeti gained also the “new touristic stakeholder’s” Business Excellence Award.


With its custom-made, quality services, the hotel which has been operating for one year won the guests’ recognition as well. Some 300 back signals from guests show that it is included in the top 10 hotels of Budapest (from the 333 hotels of the city), deserving the qualification Tripadvisor Excellence 2013. GSS back signals also show the excellent standard of the service. The hotel NPS is 82 points, which is prominently high.

Built during the turn of the century, Hotel Nemzeti had always been a dominant part of Hungarian cultural and artistic life. The hotel’s mission is to reflect the Artistic Spirit of Budapest so within the walls of the hotel guests can receive a foretaste of the cultural and artistic life of Budapest. Through the exclusive programs organized by the hotel, one can get a foretaste of contemporary arts. In its common spaces, periodically renewing exhibition showing Hungarian contemporary works can be visited. The hotel supports the arts beyond the hotel as well; it is the patron of the Endre Rozsda exhibition organized in the National Gallery from November 2013 to March 2014. The programs arranged in the hotel include variegated cultural events such as fashion-show, wine orchestra party -where wine, music and gastronomy meet-, book launch, etiquette lesson for children, press conference and active participation in the life of communities.


The hotel’s Memorable Moment package is also formed under the aegis of arts. Tracing back to the common past with the National Theatre, it offers such unique, special programs which will introduce Hungarian cultural values and curiosities to its guests. Within the framework of the individual, custom-made guidance, visitors can have an insight behind the set scene of the National Theatre.

The modernized building of the hotel creates harmonic balance between tradition and boldness, strength and elegance, past and present. Perfect unity is achieved here between history and modernity, colors and clean-cut style, wealth and low profile, tomorrow and today. In the hotel, guests can select from 68 Classic rooms, 7 Superior rooms, 3 Junior Suites, and 2 apartments.

One of the main remarkable features of the hotel is the exclusive bar service, offering excellent traditional Hungarian foods, drinks and desserts. Its guests can have their breakfast in elegant, comfortable, contemporary environment below the very attractive, original painted glazed roof from the 19th century.

Winter flavours moved into the kitchen of the Hotel Nemzeti

20th November 2013 – The Hotel Nemzeti is awaiting its guests with a new seasonal menu that was prepared by the hotel’s chef, Mr Márk Pap, by stressing the infallible flavour harmony of the winter ingredients. „When preparing the new menu I tried to conserve the basic characteristics of the Hungarian cuisine but I always wanted to create something new and interesting that provides the guests with remarkable gastronomic memories. I smuggled in the flavours of the pumpkin, chestnut, beetroot, hot chocolate and even the earl grey tea in such a way that these ingredients were coupled with the modern and newish flavours” – our chef told in connection with the new menu.


In November one can select from among the delicacies of the seasonal winter menu of the Hotel Nemzeti. The debut of the new menu required a weeks long work, we tried many flavours and compositions until we got to the final courses. Only two recipes remained in the seasonal variety that were already featuring in the preceding season, too: the chicken soup with vegetables and thyme and the goulash soup with noodle, since these foods are indispensable for the Hungarian cuisine, which were enchanted by our chef at such extent compared to the original recipe that it provides a little novelty but it still reflects the usual flavours.

However Márk Pap was bolder when experimenting the new courses, the ragout of the Budapest pork a’la Nemzeti was reconstructed from its pieces: „I disassembled the ragout to its elements and we are preparing each element in a different way, they get onto the plate in different physical conditions – Márk is telling, who also confessed that this is one of the courses he is really fond of.

The pumpkin cream soup of the Hotel Nemzeti is also providing special flavours, it is served with coconut milk and pumpkin seed and quince jelly. The jelly – being enchanted with balsamic vinegar, too – is served alone and the coconut pumpkin cream soup is being poured onto it, in this the composition forms a whole harmony.


Regarding the desserts maybe the chocolate soufflé is the most interesting one with earl gray cream cheese for which the cream cheese is being prepared by boiling the strong earl grey tea essence, after which the special desserts is being served.

This is only a fraction of the new variety, it is worth looking at our new menu and experience in person the genuine gastronomic moments of this winter, such as the camembert cooked in strudel, citric spinach with salad and smoked ham, grilled salmon with olive cream and beetroot and mashed potato or the blue-cheese with pear. And those who can’t forget the usual flavours, they still can select from the permanent menu, such as the Caesar’s salad with chicken breast, cocktail crab or tuna fish, and we still have the MGallery burger with spicy potato.

Hotel Nemzeti supports an exhibition of international reputation

Retrospective exhibition opened from the works of Endre Rozsda in the National Gallery on 19th November

19th November 2013 – Hotel Nemzeti Budapest aims at playing an active role in the cultural and artistic life of Budapest and contributes to the contemporary art’s receiving greater and greater publicity in Hungary. This is the artistic spirit conception along which the hotel supports the actual exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery which is organised under the title “Embraced by Time” on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of the internationally reputed artist, Endre Rozsda. In the retrospective exhibition, some 100 paintings, graphics and photos are shown from the artist’s life-work.


From its opening in 1896, Hotel Nemzeti had been a sparkling centre of cultural life. It was regularly visited by such artists as Mari Jászai, Gizi Bajor and the legendary actress Lujza Blaha; however, the building having also historic significance now became the haunt of not only famous actors and musicians but also artists. Although the building retained its role as a cultural centre at the beginning of the 20th century, it had lost it by the end of the century. However, the hotel reopened in 2012 and the reopening meant a new approach and at the same time returning to the original cultural values.
Hotel Nemzeti’s unconcealed aim is to revert to the roots supporting the culture and give place to the sparkling cultural life supporting the artists as location of rich artistic programs, thus making memorable moments for the visitors of the hotel. At the same time, they would like to support contemporary Hungarian art as well. The building which combines mood of 19th century with modern style of our era already in its architectural conception gives home for such exhibitions which show the works of prominent persons of the domestic contemporary art. Beyond this, the hotel supports international initiatives as well when it can contribute to the reputation of domestic artists through them.
Along this approach of the so called „Artistic Spirit of Budapest”, Hotel Nemzeti now supports the exhibition titled “Embraced by Time” organised in the Hungarian National Gallery; it can be visited till 2nd of March 2014. The hotel having historic roots is proud of helping again familiarization of contemporary art as the patron of culture and contributing to such successes which may also increase future people’s breadth of cultural outlook.

nemzeti15Exhibition of Endre Rozsda means a special milestone in the history of Hotel Nemzeti since the hotel supports showing of the domestic works of such an artist who as a real cosmopolitan could leave quite variegated works from naturalism to abstract art applying the tools of pictorial art, graphics and photography on the succeeding generations. Endre Rozsda managed to abstain from simply following certain styles and schools. In his painting and graphics, we can feel presence of such an artist who is able to express everything with lines and colours and whose all touches with pencil or brush carry delicate meaning.
In addition to viewing the National Gallery’s exhibition, we encourage art fanciers to visit also the Hotel Nemzeti where they can enjoy another exhibition freely since the walls of the building are decorated with paintings of Kálmán Makláry.



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